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I didnt set the alarm

I didnt set the alarm for the past three days...three whole days i got to wake up with no alarm...when i wanted to...when my body said...three whole days...i really really needed that.

These past three days have been the only full days off that ive had since may 2nd. and im sure the only reason i took off may second was to study for a physiology test. it was either take off these three days or i was going to kill someone or pass out from exhaustion...all and all though i mangaged pretty well. i think...a month is a long time to go with out one whole day off. to always have one mandatory thing to do everyday...

so i finished last semester...not as good as i would have liked but im almost least...i have three classes to take and then i will be a college taking 3 classes now for summer one...microbiology for of the requirements and intro to computers for the nursing thing too....and then summer 2 i have eastern/western philosophy...death and last two requirments and statistics for nursing. i graduate august 27 and start at drexel in september for my BSN. i am happy as all hell to not have to deal with another anthropolgy class...i hate that subject...just because its not a real science doesnt mean everyone has to be an asshole...out of all the classes i took..i had one teacher who wasnt a dick..and go figure he was the head of the department..i learned more from him then anyone else and got an a in the class...everyone else felt the need to make everthing extremely difficult because it would seem more important that way i guess i dont know...but im glad to be done with eveoltion is extremely interesting dont get me wrong and i find it fascinating how when and where and by what mechanisms we evolved from ...but lets face it theres not much critical thinking (its in the book, there arent many alternatives and only a few mathmatical problems) involved and trying to make it...only makes it confusing. but im done so...

can you tell school is my life...i dont mind at all really...i like school...its what i do...i like to learn...yes i get stressed sometimes but if you care about something your doing it will most likely cause you stress at some point in time...

im taking off the month of august. i dont exactly know what im going to do with myself...well i have classes till the 16..and we go on vacation the i have some idea...but all i know is that i dont want to start drexel and such a big commitment at all stressed out...i dont want to push myself too hard and end up not being able to do already on overload for summer semesters so.

thats what im most afraid of is that im not going to be able to do it. allthough i think with the month off thing i will be able takes me about 1 -2 weeks to unwind and the ill have another 2 weeks to enjoy it...besides i dont like taking too much time off...i feel useless.

aside from school ive been working sucks...and im done in two fucking godawful months...our new manager sucks...other wise its fine...but ive got much better things going on than that shithole so i dont think about it all that much anymore...except for the new asshole shiftleader we got last week who is after 6 weeks of fulltime training is completly incompetant..doesnt even know about closing dutites...retard...other than that im just there work and try not to get too annoyed..

then theres my baby...with this new shcool schedual i dont get to see brian as nearly much as i used too...i only get to sleep over on weekends...and its usually saturday cause he close opens and i go out with lisa on friday and close saturday so we hardly get to see each other really sucks...its cause i have class at 815 and have to get the train at 657 to be there on time so sleeping at home at a decent time is necessary plus i end up closing two-three nights during the week so i wouldnt get to see him anyway...its quite ridiculous how much we dont get to hang out anymore...but we do get some quality time in there sometimes its ok...and in a year ill have much more time...assuming he can put up with me for a year of insanly intense school...i hope he can.

i finally got to hang out with lisa some nights cause she was off friday and so was i like 3 or somthing...we went to was eventful both times...we got real drunk...good times...

thats it now cause i gotta go take a shower and go to brians cause hes actually leaving work on time so we can hang out
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