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were about to make the biggest change in our lives.....

i have a lot to tell about i guess...since im done school and i havent updated this

well i did it. I'm a college my BA in human anthropology...i graduated on thursday...but it had orientation at drexel before it was kinda weird...orientation at a new school and then going to my graduation. My all time favorite teacher at temple( the death and dying class) got her masters. the summer was rough...but i did it. lisa, brian, my nanny and pop, my aunt mary my dad my mom and my sister were all there..andthen afterwards my mom my aunt my dad and brian and i went to a bar and my mom opened a tab. man i drank so many cosmopolitans, i guess because i havent really been able to drink that much with all the work i had to do. then i had to go to orientation yesterday hung over...slightly..

so whatelse...i went to north was great..ive still got my tan...all we did was go to the beach and read. i read three books..IN future of life, by E.O Wilson is my new favorite book..and then i read two other stupid girl books cause my goal is to read as many not required books as possible before school starts again...ive read three since ive gotten home too. um my uncle jimmy was there and he made us lattes for breakfast and the best dinners ever. it was nice

next friday is my last day at five and a half year reign is over...thank god. im so glad i didnt get sucked into retail.

so this program at drexel...1/2 the class drops out.and its the fastest program in the country...i will do this cost me 30000 dollars....and they will not get it for nothing...and if i dont have to work fucking anythings the seven courses in 11 weeks was good prep for the 6 in 10 i have to take....its only 10 months and i got a job offer starting at 55,000. not including overtime, bonus time or shift differential...or the 85 ill be making once i get my masters which most places pay for. this is gonna be hard though...the campus is in center city, which i thought it was at main but its about 5 blocks from suburban station and theres no parking so ill be taking the train. i got my PDA yesterday...i have to play with it and download my resource things...

i didnt go to work last was the last friday night shift at blockbuster ever and i didnt think i should have to...the thing that sucked though was the the power was out all day and i tried to call out but couldnt cause the phones didnt work so whatever...then i definatly wasnt working after that.

my party is next saturday (the 18th) it doesnt start till 8 cause i have to get rid off all the family that will be there ealier...but anyone who reads this and knows where i live is invited...and if its lame its not my fault. i tried to get lisa and brian to do it for me but they declined and ill do my best to throw myself a party but im absolutly horrible at celebrating myself so. but the more the merrier right ...and dont come if you intend on being an asshole...cause thats just not cool.

this is boring now
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