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Ha! I learned to put tubes in holes where you never want tubes to go. It really was not a pleasant experience. I was the only person that was concerned about the pain that we will inflict on these poor susceptible patients. I will be calling the doctor every time for the medicated lubricant dont worry, or hopefully they'll have a spinal cord injury or they'll already be knocked out. I had to learn to do it to girls was gross....or how im supposed to insert my finger into someones ass and pull bits of poo beginning to think this nurse gig aint all its cracked up to be.

but seriously Ive been crazy busy with all the work...which is good cause i love homework. I have midterms this week. I called out of work today and decided to put in my two more just working when i want to and its not very cool

I like the holistic perspective that they are giving us on dealing with patients. I could do know coach to a better life. Ive never had a nurse do any of the things that were learning but hey....Its tough though...

allright gotta go get dinner with josh kim brynn and brian and then finsh outlining the one text, finish the notecards for the other and study for my two big tests on mon and tuesday....
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