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what's with kitties and toilets

tomorrow is the biggest party night of the year...yeah...

im done school till monday...this break is nice..allthough im working every day...and have lots of homework that i made for myself to do...

but you know what I LOVE HOMEWORK...seriously...i cant sit still and not be doing something for school. i try sometimes, but it just doesnt work...even when im drinking...i did a physical assessment on baby's so nice..

not too too much going and work is about it..i been going out with lisa on one of the weekend nights...we go drink...allthough now that my funds are severly dried up i couldnt go last weekend. but im going out wed..i recently came into money and i saved some from the weekend so i could go out tomorrow.

i know what i want to get everyone for christmas and it looks like i can do all my shoppin on the internet..and thats still waiting for my refund check and considering the quater is over in oh about three weeks..i think i can redirect some to holiday shoppin...i only have 4 or 5 people to hit so not a big deal.

my birthday is in a week or two..ill be the big 2 3.

i got all my projects all i pretty much have to do is keep up with the reading and start studying for gonna rock the shit out of those bad boys

had my first patient last went well...except for the getting up at good at care plans cause i can work a smart goal.

oooh ooooh oooh...lisas taking me to stay at a casino when i get done school...she made my christmas wish of a mini vactation come true..and my sister got me a massage...

i really gotta go clean my room now...laundry definatly needs to be done
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