Jessica (byathread) wrote,

I take it all back

oh man school is hard!
i have midterms next week, i had five things due today two of which were 16 pages long. ive had to read so much of my adult 1 book i reached page 2000, made a 55 page study guide for one friggin class. my ass hurts because all i can do is sit and study. and ontop of all that i had to wipe someones ass...i think when im done with this program im going to med school...maybe ill be a psychatrist
mental health is the only thing so far that ive found interesting enough, eveything else gets boring with in two hours.
i have to go out tonight because my brain is so fried and i dont think i can absorb any more information unless i get drunk and dance my ass off...i havent been out in two kill me
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