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byathread's Journal

2 December
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okay...here we go

my name is Jess...Jessica if you wanna get technical. I live in good ole' Media, Pa. I've lived here all my life. It's not all that bad, just a little boring sometimes.

What my life mainly consists of is going to school and working. I go to Temple, and my major for right now is nursing. After I get that degree, I'm going to be a pediatric physical therapist. I'm a little behind because of those wonderful years I wasted at DCCC, so I'll be like the majority of college students and have a four year degree take 5(I've got 2 left), and then 3 years for the DPT thing. It's a damn good thing I like school. Yes, and work....Blockbuster. I've worked there for going on 4 years now. My only thought that keeps me going in is that I know I wont be there much longer. There was a long time when my job was fun, it's not anymore. I do have some highly enjoyable customers, which make it a little more tolerable though. It's funny how they used to be the ones that made me hate my job, now they are the only reason I stay.

i do have somewhat of a social life..of course, the majority of the people i hang out with also work at blockbuster..its real sad sometimes...but they are all really cool and we all always have something to talk about. so what do i do when i do stuff...im usually up for anything, but mostly we go to bars

I live with my mom and my sister...they have their days when i dont like them and im sure there are days when they dont like me...but we all live together and somehow manage to get along rather nicely in my opinion. How could i forget my kitties. I have a boy cat, Demi, whose the most lovingest cat in the world. And a girl cat, Kira, who likes to eat the bathroom rug.

i guess thats it