Jessica (byathread) wrote,

stuck in the middle with you

i havent updated this in a long ive been so busy im surprised i can keep myself life since jan 20 has consisted of school running and brian...ive seen lisa about 4 times...but really i get up get the train go to class get on the subway go to more classes and go home run and go to brians...come home sleep and do it all again the next day...ive had a test in every class this week and a paper due..i want a drink so bad but i have way too much to do....i studied for my physiology test for 11 hours...11 freaking hours...i think a did ok though...the teacher said 45-50% of the class fail the first test...i get my grade find out if i have to start going to lecture...

I have my grad review on friday which i will then make my decision on when i go to drexel...sept or march....i dont know yet...

me lisa brian and kyle from work went to the old state one night...i was smashed in like a hour...thats what a i get for having three shots of tequilla and three beers...i was totally missing the dart was a shame...and then kyle came back to brians and we played scattagories...1/2 way through it i was too drunk to think of things...

his birthday was 2 weeks ago...i got him a lot of stuff...if you give me a reason to i just dont stop....and made him dinner....i got him 110 pound weight set cause hes been talking about it for months...and i had to get the sales guy to put it in my car...and then i tried real hard to slide it into a bag but i couldnt and i had to get him to carry it up the much for that secret...he liked it though...cut it open and took eveything was cute

he started training for store manager two weeks ago...he has to drive all the way to north philly everyday...oh wait so do i...but i dont think its as bad as he thought and he got good grades so two weeks he has to make a presentation about some busniess thing....he still better get his ass back in school...cause blockbuster is a shitty place to work....i really hope he goes back

last weekend was valentines day...i had to open and he was supposed to close but he didnt go to his we got to hang out that night....he sent me roses to work...i felt all sorts of special...and then he gave me a box of chocolate...and i was really hungry so i didnt want candy and he was like you have to have some so he started eating it for me...and then there was a little black box with a emerald and diamond ring in it for was very very cute...this is my first real jewlery..i gave him a box i decorated with magic cards and filled with his favorite stuff...movies...homies...palermos...magic cards...i forget and i got him a hoodie from neighborhoodies...which he wheres and i think is so it being 1030 at night by the time i got over there and presents were done...we went got pizza and beer and watched matchstick men....a lovely evening with my baby.

i started taking the train to school...cause on tuesday i have to go to center city and its hard to find a parking spot and it forces me to study for an hour...i like it much better then driving though

work sucks...whats new...i may have to take 5 classes over the summer 3 to graduate and 2 for drexel but i will do what ever i have to to get out of that shithole sooner...we got some new people finally
brian hughes doesnt work at media anymore but no one wants to work at aston so im stuck there...
and over spring break i have some externship thing for credit at temple hospital...
i guess nothing interesting really has been happening...i go to school three days a week and watch movies...i dont have time or money to do anything else...
i really miss lisa though...shes working all the time too and i swear her and brian have revolving scheduals and if im closing she isnt and blah blah...and i cant even go out on the weekends cause i have so much homework....i havent takin 5 classes in a long time....there are pretty good though except for statisitcs..but its me thats math so thats a given...i got child development, A+P and social psychology and primate at least interesting while i do 4 hours of homework a day..

i gotta go eat before class now...
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