Jessica (byathread) wrote,

coming up for air

tomorrows my last day of summer 1
im going to the beach with lisa hopefully on wed till sat..i was only gonna go thurs-sat but i decided that i have been working my ass of with this overload on courses and still working 32 hours a week

of course there is that 22000 tuition and a year of no work to remember

it feels like im a train and i just keep chugging along...its not just the motions because i know what im doing...i dont im on a mission and nothings stopping me i guess..which i am so
i dont know this is what goes through my head on the 45 min drive to and from school

which is where im going now
i decided that since i have missed my micro class 1x and its at 815 and all i can do is close that impressive so i missed it today, i have a 98 and did all the reading last night and typed my notes

poor brian
he must feel ignored all the time
he really is the greatest boyfriend ever

to top it all off
this homie has been eluding us for over 6 months. but we got it saturday at the acme...go us
made our night
so we got drunk went played pool at old state and then skinny dipped in his pool thats in his complex
we had to jump the fence and everything..

yeah were hot

start summer 2 next week with 3 classes again
2 at temple and 1 math (oh jeez) class at dccc
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