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If I had a millon dollars

So ...Ive been doing homework so all the time or working that i think that i have forgotten how to communicate with people, i was gettin good there for a while, but im all shy again...lame
but i will be a college graduate next week so ill have a month off to learn how to talk again...maybe i can see some of those people that i used to talk to but then got a boyfriend and decided to devote my entire being to school for 6 months....
im looking forward to not have to think all the plus side is that i think that i have become smater (ie testing and homework is easier), but again i forgot how to talk to. im sure this summer thing will help me a drexel cause i have six classes plus clinical there and i took 6 classes in the same time frame this summer i did really freakin well. it was definatly hard though, but i like the shorter classes better then the whole semester..

I went to the cure concert with lisa sarah alison and ralph on was great...thursday was there..i didnt know they were supposed to be there.. them and the muse was way better then the not a big fan of new stuff...
the whole point of me going on this outing even though i had to stay home on saturday night doing homework and then get up early on sunday and still didnt finish it cause i had three papers due for 2 classes...does that make sense to then i had to get up even early on mon after being out till 2 and finish them.
but anyway it was a good time...i shouldnt have spent all that money on alcohol, but the reason i went..see i got sidetracked, was because my life has been so non eventful i wanted to do something.. i havent gone anywhere but to old state in 6 weeks i needed something..
me and brian and who ever else wants to come are going to warped tour on friday...i think i just want more adventures so i got out of work ...i wanna see coheed and taking back sunday...and flogging molly if their there, brian says they are but he gets out less than i do so ill look into that.

he started at media on monday...he realized what a 8 hour shift really is and the fact that he now works 5 minutes from home. so he went home got bored and took a nap and then was bored all last night...the same thing will probably happen again today and the next day...until hes so bored hell go back to school...what the hell else are you going to do with all that free time.

i called him from school last night and put in my dinner order so it would be done when i got out of class... heh... i have the best boyfriend ever... of course it wasnt ready but i got done early and then had to wait like an hour cause i wanted a baked potato and they just wouldnt cook

on sunday before the cure, we went out to breakfast with josh kim and the baby...then him and josh went fishing and i wanted to go but i had more homework and had to go to the cure...and kim was going to south street to go shopping, so i woulda gone there too but homework.

one and a half more weeks and im done for a month and im going to NC and to florida and im going to the beach with lisa and the club..i have to go there

oh and i walk on sept 9 and then im having a party at somepoint.
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